This website is about exactly what you might think (unless you are looking for advice about intercourse).

How many ‘helpful’ comments that tell you brain-dead obvious shit have you had to tolerate?  It gets really irritating, right?  “Man-splaining”, or its counterpart “maternal guidance” fall into this category.  FUCK THAT and FUCK THEM for spewing that nonsense.

It is condescending, or perhaps it is well intended, but the result is that the ‘help’ conveys an insult more than a benefit.

And those fuckers do not have any idea that they’re being a complete a-hole.

So what do you do?  

Our plan over the coming years is to create sub-pages, hosted here, ordered by category, which will include a short URL pointer that you can email to that special person who imparted their wisdom unto you.

So far, beta tests with some close friends have resulted in magnificent results.  Although there is little to no hope of this resource changing the horrible and nasty habit of someone providing fucking advice, it may at least help them have a conscious awareness of why people might avoid them or have a flummoxed or irritated look on their face when speaking to them.


Did someone forward you to this page?  Perhaps it is an opportunity for self-reflection.  It can be hard, sometimes, to realize the unintended impacts of how we communicate.

You may have made a dick move without realizing it consciously.  It’s all good, just take a breath and think about what you might have done differently in talking with that person to have not left them with that crop-dust aftertaste.

Was the advice something you really needed to give?

Was the method of delivery harsh or condescending?

When one moves from being unaware of things that they should change to being aware of it, there is a benefit.

There is an opportunity to enhance your own emotional intelligence and grow.  Change those toxic contributors that might be hindering your successes.

Though that gift of advice – solicited or not – may have come from a good place, it ended up going towards a bad one.

Learn and grow.